As is known, every project starts from an idea, design, and methods of execution. Here we shine the most. Our collaboration with Autograph Architecture can’t be emphasized, as they are a multidisciplinary award-winning architectural firm licensed in the states of New York and New Jersey, with Licenses soon to be issued for Pennsylvania and Florida. Their experience encompasses a multitude of different projects ranging from gut renovations to new developments. They are innovative professionals that have established a name that reflects the desires of future professionals, builders, developers, and homeowners that any new project is governed by their vision, their signature, and as one would have it – their Autograph.

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As a founding partner of Autograph Architecture, Samuel Derenboim is an accumulation of over 15 years of experience in all phases and stages of design and construction administration. His experience encompasses various stages of multidisciplinary design, including but not limited to Phasing, Conceptual Design, Construction documentation, Energy analysis and filing processes for all types of applications in NYC Department of Buildings, Boards of Standards and appeals, as well as the City Planning Commission of New York. His multidisciplinary expertise in various building types and projects allows for developers, builders and home owners to maximize their return on investment due to the technologies and methodologies employed during the schematic and design phases in order to expedite requirements necessary for the maximum allowable build-able area permitted by law. Highlights of Qualifications: – 15 years’ experience with various small and large scale projects, ranging in price between $200,000 and $25,000,000 – Expertise in various codes including but not limited to : – NYC Building Code (Old code, 1968 and up to current) – NYC Administration Code – International Building Code 2008 – Current – ADA Law / ANSI 117.1 – FEMA Regulations – NYC / IBC Energy Code – NYC Zoning – NYC Multiple dwelling laws Awards Best in Brooklyn Urban Design award on behalf of Corporate Design of America for Project “Slavyanka” urban design competition in the town of Pushkin, St. Petersburg Russia Currently licensed in New York State. Looking forward to pursuing reciprocity in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida in the near future. As a founding and principal partner at Autograph Architecture, Julia Rata has had a significant impact in helping developers, homeowners, and prospective clients achieve their goals in development and construction of their projects. The understanding behind Autograph is that the clients’ potential projects are dictated by them, creating for their projects ‘Autographical’ signature conditions that shape their businesses, developments, home improvements, and ultimately, their lives. This potential is additionally impacted when determining the size and scope of their current and future projects due to the maximum utilization of bonuses permitted for them – allowing them to also earn a reasonable, if not abundant, rate of return on their investment. With over 10 years of experience, Julia has worked on various projects that included multiple multi-million dollar developments utilized for commercial, residential and/or community facility functions. Many were as-of-right developments; yet, given the nature of New York City Zoning laws, some required reviews to be made through various agencies, such as the City Planning Commission, the Board of Standards and Appeals, or via Landmarks commission. Julia is licensed in the states of New York and New Jersey. Expertise includes: NYC Building Code (Old code, 1968 and up to current) NYC Administration Code NYC Filing with DOBnow & E-filing NYC Zoning Multiple dwelling law Variance and/or Special Permit applications with New York City Planning Commission or Boards of standards and appeals Landmarks applications.